Sunday 4 December 2022 | 4:51 AM Damascus Time
Marlene Pasini


Monica Vardi (German Artist)
  • Monday 18 July 2022

You spread over the invisible scar of time
there where an ancient kingdom of chimera arises
Like an eternal dream you were carved on the side of the night

You are not just a shadow of a meager labyrinth where the wind deposited
its intimacy of inexorable dust
you are a permanent fissure of blue exhalation
that eagerly opens to the mystery of the earth
source of voices under surprised metamorphoses
a liquid rumor of mineral solutions
on the intact retina of the mist

What ages overflow in the thickness of your limits
if in your bowl of desert smells
does the skin quench its ancient thirst for exiled paradise?

you are fruit of water
clepsydra that offers its oneiric rumor
your transparency dialogue
of prisms weaving cobwebs of foam
in horizons of pupils

Hapi, god of the Nile:
your waters are blood
furrowing the traces of the origin

The reflection of the stars twinkles in your veins
threshold that feels mists on the sharp geometry of the night
breath of immemorial abysses that your channel interrogates
in light of dawn traveled over a desert purified in silence.