Sunday 4 December 2022 | 6:1 AM Damascus Time
Maria Siakalli

Transparent Figure

Transparent Figure
Photo taken by Syrian Artist: Boushra Al Bashaawat
  • Saturday 25 December 2021

You woke up early,
Opened your eyes wide, Stretched your arms,
Drew a deep breath,
Put on your prettiest dress, Played up your hair
And opened the door.

For a long time, all had stayed locked.
So much sun and you hadn’t caught even one ray.
You didn’t know whether the words still meant the same,
Or if the people still danced to the same songs.
But you’ve missed it all.

And now you’ve made your way into the sun.
For so long locked away in a darkness, forced upon you,
You looked like a china doll.
First steps were hard.
One step forward, one back.
For the first time, you walked around on your own.

When after days you’ve arrived at the market place
You didn’t know how to greet anymore.
You belched out an unarticulated scream,
The biggest hello the world had ever heard.

Until you suddenly stood in front a mirror You hadn’t noticed
That while walking forwards
Your almost transparent figure
Filled out with color.