Sunday 4 December 2022 | 4:16 AM Damascus Time
Sylwia K. Malinowska

Words Create

Words Create
Paul Klee (Swiss Artist/ 1922)
  • Saturday 25 December 2021

"There is such a thing in words, that when cleverly directed, they take you into slavery. They wrap themselves like a cobweb around your body, and once they have caught you, you can't move, they pierce your skin, penetrate your blood, paralyse your thoughts. In you, they perform their spells.
Diane Setterfield

I remember a day like this when I woke up in the morning and the thought of a new day
coming up made me feel better when I smiled at the thought of what might happen.
When I felt the sun on my face and squinted in admiration.
I remember summer evenings wrapped in cool warmth.
I remember this feeling of freedom and beauty.
I remember moments when I lied down on the grass and stared at the sky for hours.
I loved to dream, to be somewhere in the middle of this and other world, to swim in infinity to
be, to simply exist.

I can't remember when I lost that lightness, that happiness in being.
I can' t remember the first time I felt that what I am is not enough.
I can' t remember the first time I was punched in the face with a word.
I can' t remember the first pain.
I can' t remember the first time that my body cringed from words.
I can' t remember the moment when, for the first time, I turned away from myself.
I can't remember.
I remember that day when, for the first time after many years, I felt the joy of being, existing.
I remember this feeling of admiration for myself.
I remember that disbelief that I could reject myself.
How is that possible?
I remember the first time I felt love filling my heart.
I remember that lightness, that breeze, that beautiful wave that spilled in my heart.
I remember that disbelief, that admiration for existence.
How is that possible?

Today I devote my whole life to making love, carrying the word, simply being next to me.
To give all that I carry within me, to the world.
To give a part of myself.
To give support.
Give presence, assistance.
To perceive and bring beauty out of people.
To build, not to destroy.
To give love.

Michael Pollan in one of the interviews to the question, Is love the most important?

"replied: Yes, definitely.

Although it is not a great novelty, we do not remember it every day.
Love is the most important thing.
Well, what else ?
Power ?
Some people want it, but only love really gives life meaning.

When I observe the world around me, I have the impression that it is common to criticise
others and so little natural to see beauty in another person, and it is worth stopping to see
beauty for a moment. You just need to stop judging, become sensitive, really open your heart
and then wide and carefully open your eyes to see the beauty of a person.

I also used to enjoy cynicism, a sense of humour that indicates obvious flaws in someone,
when imperfections distracted me from the beauty that was hidden, that was still there. I too
used to prefer to pay attention to imperfections rather than praise.
Today I know that words have great power, so great that they can save someone's
Today, I know that it is worth being on that bright side.
Today, with all the awareness of the importance of words, with all that weight, strength and
power, I choose to see beauty in people.
For is it worth choosing another?
When you know that a word can kill or heal.
Today I prefer to put my hand on the shoulder of a person who is just losing strength.
To support.
To bring out beauty.
Today I prefer to look into someone's lost eyes with love and sincerity in order to give them

Today, I prefer to admire the world, to admire people, but in order to bring out this looking
with love at others, one must first discover the passion for life, the passion for oneself, to
delight in oneself, in this miracle that we are, in this extraordinary colour that we carry within
us, in this extraordinary colour that is within us.
Because admiration for existence is admiration for yourself and for the other person.
By rejecting the possibility of getting to know another human being, his or her culture and
beliefs, we automatically build in ourselves a prejudice to his or her existence. When we look
at the person we meet as if we could get to know them better, we will take the first step
towards understanding and building a space based on authentic word exchange.

Today, years later, I am again enchanted by the world, by people, by myself. I discover
myself slowly, delicately delving into the corners of my being.
I admire, above all, everything that surrounds me, the truth, the courage of the world.
I really admire another person.

It took me a long time to start a new way of living in harmony with myself, it took me a long
time to drop all the words that fell on me.It took me a lot of courage, strength and
determination to stand naked in front of myself and then the world and really hug myself.
When you live in a world of falling words, you are afraid that underneath the layers of what
you are hiding, I have nothing, there is simply nothing. You start to believe in the words that
have fallen on you, you feel fear and loneliness.
Somewhere at the end of you, in the deeply hidden subconscious, a tiny, very quiet voice
appears from time to time, delicate, barely audible, and if you hear it, if you hold your breath
for a moment to let it speak, when you give it time, even though you come back for a
moment, you come back to yourself.
When you find the courage to stand behind you, you will also stand behind another person.

Words combined with truth and love can break the hardening of the heart, crush the
patterns of thought and free someone from ossification. It is a tool for creating reality. Huge,
strong, unusual, powerful. Words contain the whole universe, constellations of emotions and
feelings. They build closeness, nurture love, break fear and shyness. Words really heal,
words create, but they can also hurt, they can do anything.