Sunday 11 April 2021 | 3:25 AM Damascus Time
Christos R. Tsiailis

A Paradise My Way

A Paradise My Way
Julian Schnabel/ American painter and filmmaker
  • Tuesday 29 December 2020

One day they will wear me the bracelet
and I shall accept it even if they know my whereabouts
I shall accept it for I got scared
not to live as a beggar again
and lest my freedom
acquires pointy horns
and powerful hoofs
and away from me
escapes in the woods.

They will pierce my body one day
for a microchip
and I shall accept it
to sleep on a soft mattress
to buy coffee
of fair trade
to be able to hug
to caress
to kiss

Yet, when time comes to pass through controls
staring at the little light
on the narrow gates built for me
to light a green
happy and swaggering
for obeying
to every regulation
ten sick people in a small alley
wearing a bracelet, too
handsomely pierced
will be crying starving
pitifully shoulder-bending
and they will be imagining my journeys
as I will be describing them
every time I come back to my house,
wretchedly decorated.

Don’t wear me the bracelet
and don’t pierce me, unlawful beings,
I also have a corner in an alley
to dream of a paradise
my way.