Wednesday 17 August 2022 | 0:40 AM Damascus Time
Fadi Abu Deeb


Hosni Radwan/ Palestinian Artist
  • Saturday 9 November 2019


I see the sun approaching,
The reddish shades stretching,
igniting the charm of the virgin stigmas.
For the awakened mind,
The deceptions of the shades intermingle
With the shadows of the great sea.
Their sound is one
Their color is one.
And I,
The kin of the sun and the enigmas of water
The hunter for honey in the cells of the air-
I hear the echo of the ancient playful voice:
"I will discover you,
even if you hid your secret.

In that Aleppine neighborhood,
I climb the towering tree of dusk
to overlook the infinite roofs
To steal the smell of the roasted coffee
Before the hands of the shrewd merchants,
And a sweet mental glow I make out of it
For the balconies that welcome the night,
the candles and the homeless moths

From there I watch the remote yellow plains
To hunt the taste of wheat before it arrives
at the gates of the city,
So I send it on the ships of dream and desire
To the bakeries of the dawning light

I used to walk on the peak of that neighborhood
Near the weightless clouds
To grant the bored girls
The gift of spying
-glimpses upwards-
under the pretext of praying.