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About Us

About Us

Who Are We ?

We find in poetry a humane solution to communicate with the other in the midst electronic chaos and paper poetry magazines, which are subjected to political polarization. Many of the new and shy poetic voices in poetic writing are still looking for a place where they are quietly growing, and still find obstacles of visual noise, personal relationships and chaos of the platform. 

This is why we launched a cultural website with a completely poetic identity, whose features are virtual organization specialized in publishing poetry, studies, translation and prose journals, publishing texts, artistic paintings. It is a civil cultural attempt to absorb creative cases in the new writing.

Adwa Almaden website is an extension of an experience started in Damascus/Syria with a group of friends in “ old Damascus” from 2013 until September 2015. It was a special experience because of its freedom amid war, oppression and censorship that follow every text on this podium. We choose poems by poets from Syria and different countries of the world who write in English language.

The Sections of Adwa Almadena:

Shadow: contains different poems by different poets from all the world.

Diaries: contains texts which are published in the Arabic section and chosen, translated into English by The English Section editor. 

Poetry Street: interested in the latest news books and publications poetry and critical studies.

Flash: contains photos from contemporary life with a short poetic text below every photo.

The editor: Omar Alshikh

The English Section: Nour Nassra

Correction and check linguistic: Mazna Bilal